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We'd love to hear your stories, tell us about a time when you did something, or achieved something that wasn't expected of you because you're a girl, or vice versa, because you're a boy. Perhaps you're a boy who helped a girl carry her water, like JP did with Chikondi. Perhaps you're a girl who wants to be an engineer. Go ahead, let us know!

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Hello , how are you my name is Clinton Ndala AKA Sapcy , Staying Area 25 Lilongwe. Here is my story, when I was at school in 2016 I had a girlfriend who used to make my days and spending them with here was like paradise to me but unfortunately I didn't realize what her intentions where towards our relationship, Days where passing by and being my first moments in love it was an amazing experience. one-day all this changed a a slight point. I was carried away in love that everything seemed nothing to me. I was staying with my uncle by then . It happened one day that the girl got pregnant and I took responsibility over that pregnancy for I was the only one hanging around with the girl but not knowing the girl was already pregnant before meeting me and the pregnancy was like a month old and some weeks I dropped out of school. I got blind in love and never knew anything about the conspiracy though I was like that I bought everything that the girl and the baby will be safe from any other things from delivery to a full born baby of 6 months . The girl then started showing his true colours out of a sudden. She told me on face one day am not the owner of the baby boy I was in a big depression and set to give up on this life but I moved on and made a choice not to repeat again this , I wept then moved on with my life

June 13, 2023, 6:59 p.m.


Am BLACK DEE from Lilongwe my talent it's for sing song

Jan. 10, 2023, 9:28 p.m.