Muhamad Talks About his Story of Self Expression

..........The story of Muhamad

After I went through puberty around the age of 15, I stopped chatting with girls openly, in fear of what other people were going to say. In my community people believed that girls and boys could not to be friends, that friendship cannot exist between males and females. Each time they see a boy and a girl together they would conclude that they are dating.

In my mind, i always knew that it is possible for a boy and a girl to be just friends, but people in the community kept discouraging such friendships. I decided not to give up, and with the coming in of different youth clubs I have seen that a new normal has been created for the youths, because youths are now being expressive and confident; not being affected by the false statements and beliefs by the community

I believe that Girls and Boys can be friends, when parents or the community members are thinking otherwise; I believes we young people should try to explain to them in a polite way so that they understand, all we need to do is keep expressing ourselves.

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