....the story of Jaffa.

My name is Jaffali and I am a beautician but also a football player.

When it comes to how I spend my day, I wake up at 6am and go to the gym for weight lifting to keep my body fit. Then I return home at 8 just to shower and then leave for the saloon. I work as a beautician at Mponda saloon. My job is to make women look good. I work from 8:30 to 9, 10, till 2:30pm. So after 2:30 I get my bag off to the football peach to play soccer till 5:30. Then I go back home to take a bath to have some tea. After that I do some push ups then relax as I watch some movies and that’s how my day ends.

It’s okay for one to be a soccer player but also a beautician at the same time. The only advantage I have is that the saloon is owned by my brother and so I’m able to divide my time by working in the morning and going to play football in the afternoon. This is just the same to those that work half day. I even tell my customers that late afternoon I usually go to play soccer. They agree to be worked on in the morning.

Seven years now since I have been a beautician and the community accepted me as there beautician. When I got to five years in this field almost everyone knew me. And I don’t see anything wrong a male person working in the saloon. My Family is now supportive that I work in the saloon. At first they didn’t really accept it, they thought it was wrong for a young man like me to be retouching and fixing the hair of a woman or a lady but now am glad they accepted it.

This is how I earn a living and even help my parents through the little I get from the business. My community also enjoys me as being their hair dresser but at the same time a soccer player and they really support me even in my sport. I stay in “Senti” and there is no one who can say they don’t know me and all boys look up to me as there number one. And when I am walking in the streets people appreciate that I work in the saloon and there is no one that complains that I work in the saloon.

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