Mhub CEO talks of his life: a success story of education amidst challenges

....the story of Vincent Kumwenda.

My name is Vincent Kumwenda, I am the Chief Executive Officer of Mhub.

A couple of years ago when I completed my secondary school, I had an opportunity to go to university for tertiary studies. Unfortunately, after some months into school I failed to pay my tuition fee as I had no funds and sponsor, the only option was for me to drop out.

I started looking for different ways to raise the tuition fee so I started doing some piece work around town. As part of maintaining my school place and complete school I would go and study in different libraries of Blantyre. I studied hard on my own and worked hard to raise money to pay for exams.

I was missing out so much on the activities at school such as school academic trips and extra-curricular activities. I could not even access books from the school’s library as I was not paying fees in full.

This was a hard blow to my life especially that I was just a young person and all I needed was to do school in peace. Despite the hostile circumstances around me I had a vision which was driving me not to give up.

My interest in life was on technology despite the initial program I studied in College. To quench this thirst, after university I had to enroll for classes at Techno Brain to learn more about Information Technology. Through this path I got the opportunity to start work at Mhub. Mhub is the first Malawian technology and innovation hub where we help youth with different skills in technology and entrepreneurship so that they achieve their goals in life.

Education has opened amazing opportunities for my career advancement. For example, I have been selected to be among the 19 youth who will be going to America this June in a program called Young Africa Leaders Initiative (YALI). Not only that, a few days from now I will also be going to China for a three-week workshop for youth development.

For youth struggling in the same lane of fees scarcity and other challenges, be encouraged to find ways around your problems. Do not quit school, work hard for the dreams around you. Hard work pays.

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Impressive story

July 30, 2023, 7:51 a.m.