What is the best job for you?

The right job for you is the one that suits your personality! Take this fun quiz to find out which jobs would fit your strengths.

  1. When you watch a TV show or film, what do you take note of the most? A) Beautiful nature and the emotions of the actors B) Action, car chases and fancy special effects C) How much it cost to make and what the actors were paid
  1. When planning to hang out with friends or an event at school, which statement best describes you? A) I’m the one responsible for the fun stuff – music, games and food B) I’m the one who makes sure everyone is invited and arrives on time C) I’m the one who does all the research, finds a venue and figures out how much everything costs
  1. When you face a challenge what skills do you normally use to overcome it? A) I will try talk my way out of a situation B) I like to use my hands so I will try to build or make something that can solve my problem C) I like to do research or read books at school to find answers
  1. If you had a plant or were growing some vegetables and you noticed they looked a little sick, what would you do?
    A) I would talk to the plants and sing to them B) I would experiment to create a homemade or natural cure C) I would research and analyse the symptoms and then try the best solution

What did you get?

Mostly As You’re a sensitive soul with many artistic skills. Your strength is that you’re a dreamer and love helping others. Creative people do well in jobs involving music, writing, journalism, teaching, fashion and social work.

Mostly Bs You love experimenting and want to understand the process of things. A job in science, at a factory, in medicine, farming, mechanics or even the food industry, would bring out the best in you.

Mostly Cs You are someone who loves figuring out the right way to do things, using research. If you’re good with numbers, then accounting or business could be for you. If you’re a book worm you’ll love work in the law, government or at a college.

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