How can I fully discover my talent?

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My name is Moses from Mzimba. Gogo, I have tried so many things to discover my talent. However, sometimes I feel as though I am good at drawing cartoons even though some of my friends laugh at my drawings. What can I do?


Just like you, everybody has a different talent or talents. Some are naturally creative while others may find themselves academically gifted or good at fixing things.

I am glad that you know what you are good at and if it brings you pleasure then I encourage you to continue developing your drawing skills, as this can be a helpful way for people to express themselves.

At the same time there is no reason you can’t continue to explore your other talents. Netball player, Mwawi Kumwenda, or football player Gabhadinyo Mhango, are good examples of people who have been successful by focusing on using their individual talents well.

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Am satisfied with your explanation

Sept. 23, 2022, 11:54 a.m.