Dear Gogo, what do I do, my friend is spreading my secrets?

Friendship is essential in life. The first step....

Dear Gogo, I am a girl in standard 5. I was friend to a boy and could always tell him secrets. Later he started spreading my secrets and we stopped our friendship. What should I do to get him back? - Matilda

"Matilda, it’s great that you want to get back with your friend. So make the first step and go to him, tell him that you need to talk. If he accepts to meet, tell him what you need. Tell him that you have forgiven him and be brave enough to show him that you too made it a big deal because, despite what he did to you, you should have fought for your friendship. Friendship is essential in life, whenever it’s possible. Hopefully you become friends again, although always be careful to only tell secrets to friends you really trust. If he doesn’t want to be your friend again, at least you did what you should have done. You gain the peace of mind, and in addition, you can gain your friend back. Right? Now you can give it a try, you will tell me how it went."

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