Hi Gogo, I am doing business and its flourishing. Is it a good idea to stop school and focus on my business?

How to balance school and buusiness…practical steps

Dear young entrepreneur, its good to hear from young people like you who are making things happen in their lives. Let me put it like this: Education will help you find ways on how you can grow your business and make it more profitable. If you have a chance of going to college you may wish to study a program that relates to business to further improve your busniess skills. It’s the same as those who might have any talents, such as singing or playing sports, if you can manage to do both talent and school that is ok too.

On the other hand, doing business allows you to have an income and be financially independent. With the money you get you can save towards different things such as building your own house or invest back into your business. Plus your business could possible employ others who might not have had a chance of getting employment. Hopefully what I've shared will help you make a choice that best suits you. Here at Zathu Pa Wayilesi are always encouraged when we hear of youth doing great pursuits. So continue working hard ..after all you’ve already shown that you can do both.

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