Dear Gogo, I have a friend, a teen mum. How can I always be an encouragement to her?

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Well, I know a few teen moms who did not find their situation easy but they did it and flourished in life. Not only teen moms but even teen dads. These teen mums and dads flourished because they didn’t let their circumstance hold them back. It’s a good and a beautiful thing that you want to encourage and cheer her up during her low moments.

She might not show it directly to you but am sure she appreciates that you are being a helpful friend. Try to cheer her up by doing things that she enjoys. Example if she likes singing, then sing along with her to songs that she likes. If your friend is back in school already you can assist her with homework by doing it together

If she isn’t back in school yet, you can help her keep up by sharing what you learn in class. This will not only help her but will also strengthen your friendship

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