Dear Gogo how can a girl use the morning-after-pill?

My dear, let me first explain to other girls who might not know the morning-after-pills exists. These are pills that you take for unplanned pregnancy prevention, in case of having had unprotected sex or if your usual form of contraception has failed. For example, you may have had protected sexual intercourse, but the condom may accidentally break. The morning after pills are only to be used in emergencies and shouldn’t be used as a regular form of contraception.

In this case, you may take the morning-after-pill. The sooner you take them after unprotected sexual intercourse has occurred, you increase the effectiveness of those pills. If you take them after fertilization has already occurred, and you have fallen pregnant, they will not stop the pregnancy. They do not cause miscarriage.

You were asking how a girl uses them. These pills are bought in a licensed pharmacy and the youth friendly health service proivder at your local Health center or Hospital . One of the mentioned persons to give them to you, will tell you how to use them, because there are in various types. You can also ask how to use them if you were not informed. Please make sure you follow the instruction. Please remember that using a morning after pill, you are avoiding unplanned pregnancy in emergency situations, it is not to be used as a regular form of contraception and it does not protect you against STDs including HIV.

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