Be the best to your bestie

Not only now, but forever

There’s no stronger bond than the friendship between best friends. Even if you have a big circle of friends, there are always a few best friends.

Your best friends are the ones that you can trust with anything, even your deepest, darkest secrets. If you're totally in sync right now, re-member that might change someday. Friendships require lots of work, and all relationships need to be maintained. To avoid growing distant or even losing your bestie, try these tips to keep your friendship closer than ever…

Stop competing with each other

Everybody is a star in their own way. There's no need for girls or boys to feel jealous or envious of each other. If your friend is better than you at something, there's probably something else that you are better at than them too. You're all equally beautiful and talented, each in your own way!

Speak out honestly

Some say that “sorry” is the hardest word, but they’re wrong. Speak-ing truthfully and from the heart is a lot harder! Sometimes being hon-est can hurt your friend’s feelings so use your head and your heart. For example, if your friend asks what you think about the biscuits that she baked, don't blurt out that you don't like them. Rather say some-thing like, “I can see that you’ve been practicing! Why don’t you try this new recipe I found.” That way you’re being honest and you’re not hurting their feelings.

Never stop with the compliments

Give her sincere credit and compliments if you really like or appreci-ate what she’s doing. This doesn’t mean you have to like all her pic-tures on Facebook, but everyone likes to hear a nice word every now and then. Friends pay attention to each other, even if it's something small.

Celebrate together

A good friend happily celebrates their friend’s achievements. If your friend gets the highest grade in school, congratulate them and cele-brate! This is true for any goals they have been working hard to achieve, not just grades. They put the work in and now you can both be proud of the results!

Supporting each other and being there for each other is the key to a long and strong friendship! It’s the difference between Best Friend and Best Friend Forever!

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