Zathu Pa Wailesi to Welcome a New Presenter

Check out C-Zee, Zathu Pa Wailesi’s New Presenter

We all know Lily B, our amazing presenter for Zathu Pa Wailesi. A skilled and exciting presenter who has been with the show since inception in April. After enjoying a good time at Zathu Pa Wailesi Family, Lily B has decided to move on with life and pursues some of her other dreams. This is a very important step in her career, we fully support Lily as she takes the next step and encourage you - our fans - to see Lily as a role model; someone who has worked hard to achieve her goals and succeeding in her career.

In her last words Lily B said:

“Working for ZPW has been a good experience for me. At this stage in my life other positive experiences and opportunities have presented themselves and I am looking forward to the journeys they will take me.”

Now that Lily B is gone, we are so excited to introduce a new co-presenter, C-Zee, who is joining Goxy in hosting Zathu Pa Wailesi. C-Zee is a hugely talented young presenter, who you might have seen on TV and radio shows such as Fresh on Zodiak or Born and Bread on MBC Radio 2.

C-Zee is guaranteed to bring more fun and adventure as we move into season 2 of Zathu Pa Wailesi.

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