Enalla, The Multi-Talented young girl

Here is a story of Enalla, an amazing girl doing great in Lilongwe.

Hi, my name is Enalla and I am 18 years old. I do art such as singing, photography, fashion designing, song composition and poetry. I ventured into the Art Industry when I discovered my abilities in the discipline.

To begin with, one of my relatives bought a sewing machine which got me interested to learn. When I discovered my strength in sewing I made some skirts and blouses for myself and a few friends. Further, my passion to Photography started when I borrowed a camera from a friend and took it home to take pictures of family members. When I saw that the pictures were coming out great I continued practicing till the skills advanced to being hired by corporate companies and cover events.

When I ventured into the art industry I was not very good. I was basic and doing very simple projects. After some time with more practice and learning from other people, I have gotten much better. With this experience of growth in art, I want to take this privilege to encourage others that they should not give up practicing art and their passions since perfect comes by endurance.

In my little experience, I know most youth in Malawi can do great in the Art industry but lack encouragement from other people around them, or personal motivation. For instance, my mother used to stop me from doing music arguing it would not yield me money or any carrier advancement. Despite the opposition I continued. Funny thing is I used to sing loud in the house so she notices my good voice. After some time, she appreciates since I am at my prime time in the carrier covering different events in photography, acting in a radio drama and singing/recording songs for different organizations.

Bearing the lessons from my story, I want to encourage my fellow youth, especially girls, to continue pursuing the art career and other dreams despite hostile environments against self-expression to females. One thing I have learnt in being an artist is that the art industry will always be there, events will keep on happening, people will always want your skills.

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Jan. 10, 2023, 9:26 p.m.