We're stronger together!

If we work together we can bring about change.

Together, we can make the world a better place. Here’s how you can work with others to bring about change:

1) Find people like you Seek out girls or boys in your school or community who have the same interests as you and want to achieve the same goals, and set aside time to meet up. Love music? Find out if there are others who would be interested in meeting to rehearse after school.

2) Start small, be specific
List your goals clearly. What is it that you want? Don’t be afraid to start with a small solution. Perhaps the other boys and girls in your neighborhood aren’t able to walk to school safely. Start a group where you all walk to and from school together.

3) Listen to each other Not everyone will think about things in exactly the same way you do, and that’s okay. The key to working together successfully is listening to each other and respecting different opinions.

4) Be there for each other No matter what, you need to stick together. Be each other’s friends, teachers, family and support system.

5) Share your skills One of the best ways that you can support each other is through your talents. If you’re a maths whizz, help tutor your friends. That friend with amazing sewing skills will be more willing to help you with an outfit for a special occasion if you’re generous with your skills.

6) Say no to negativity Being around people who never have anything positive to say can get you down. Don’t let negativity sway your feelings about things, and rather surround yourself with those who lift you up.

Girls and boys spending time together doesn’t have to be just about hanging out. When you share skills and build each other up your friendships can become a strong and valuable network that can continue to help you achieve your goals well into the future.

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