The story of Moses...

My name is Moses, I am a nurse, working in Malawi’s public hospitals.

Initially it was not in my plans to become a nurse. I wrote university entrance examinations but was not selected to any university under ‘University of Malawi’. I later saw an ad in the newspaper for nursing studies at the Malawi College of Health Sciences. I saw this ad as an opportunity to start a new career to further my education despite my initial lack of interest. I applied for the nursing program and got selected.

My family and friends thought this was a bad decision, they believed nursing was a career to be pursued by women only. When I started my course, I was very satisfied with the profession and I loved this career path than ever before.

It is a notable fact that they are others who accept men can be nurses, which the majority still thinks it is not right. At last it is just the perception that one have towards the career. Men, just like women, can be good nurses, an example being myself. There is no job that is only attributed to either men or women.

If you one has a vision to be or do something, anything is possible. There are no limits for either boys or girls.

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