Dear Gogo, I am a drop-out teen mum, and I want to go back to school. Advise me how to go about it?

A guide to going back to school after pregnancy…

Dear future student, nice to know that you want to continue with your education after becoming a teen mum. I commed your ambition for your future. There are policies that the government of Malawi has put in place to make sure that teen moms go back to school. The document that will guide you on going back to school is the The 'Re-admission Policy'. Get a trusted guardian to assist you with the steps you want to take of going back to school. You should be able to find the neccessary information about the policy from your school head teacher or local District Education Officer (DEM) found at your Boma.

Furthermore, if you’ve put it in your mind that you want to go back to school and are determined that you want to be a star student then I am sure you will go the extra mile to work hard, although even choosing to return to school is a positive step, whether you become a star student or not. If you do want to do extra lessons after school…then do that because it can help. Never be shy to ask for assistance from teachers and fellow student who are doing good in particular subjects you might not be good in. Have a timetable on how many hours you will focus on school work by studying and doing homework and make a plan on how you can achieve this and also giving the support you need to your child. Do not be discouraged by the negative words others might say about your plans. Just keep pushing and soon enough you will have finished your school. Good luck.

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