Dear Gogo. Am Lucy from Thyolo facing opposition in writing passion. Help me!

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Dear Gogo. Am Lucy from Thyolo. Gogo I believe I am a good writer and like to use my writing to share funny stories but also to express myself. But my friends say that I shouldn’t write funny stories because I am a girl. They think I should write about fashion, makeup and hair. Does this mean I should stop writing my funny stories Gogo?

Gogo's Answer

Dear Lucy. Am happy that you know that you are a good writer and you use it as a way of sharing laughter to the world but also expressing yourself. I don’t agree with what your friends say that you should not write funny stories because you are a girl.

Girls and boys have the same capabilities and they should all be supported if they want pursue their dreams. Remember we had D Satha a female comedian on our TKI who is so determined and has a achieved so much despite facing challenges as a female comedian. So don’t let the negative comments from your friends discourage you or anyone bring you down.

Show your friends the stories that you write and how they help you express yourself but also improve your writing skills. Plus you can encourage them to do what believe they are good without being looked down upon.

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