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My name is Shukuran Mwachumu, popularly known as Janta, and I sing Afro pop music. I am Yawo by tribe and came from Zomba district.

Initially my family was not supportive of my music career. It was not easy but I just had to push on despite opposing forces around me. Through my perseverance I have successfully established my music and fan base.

My family, who initially did not support my music, is now supportive to this career path I have chosen. Now I am known to have greatly contributed in the championing of the genre popular in Malawi which is a fuse our cultural elements with urban music.

I successfully set myself as a unique brand in Malawian music. People recognise the genre I do and fashion trends attributed to my music. Through my songs I have presented positive messages for moral change.

Let me take this opportunity to air my views on girl empowerment. I believe in girl’s initiatives and providing them opportunities. If a girl wants do music just like I do, it does not mean she is lost to immorality as it is commonly perceived. It is high time people need to respect choices girls make in their pursuit of happiness and career. Music is about the message and girls have a portion to share in good content being spread through music.

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