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Season 5 is here

Season 5 is here! Be ready for exclusive new content including a competition. Don’t miss your chance to win yourself a Zathu T-Shirt! Simply Tune in to Season 5 for you to stand a chance to win!

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Zathu_Our Stories

Enalla, The Multi-Talented young girl

Here is a story of Enalla, an amazing girl doing great in Lilongwe.

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Panga Zako Artwork

Listen and Download Zathu Band's Panga Zako

Listen and download Zathu Band's new single, Panga Zako

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Panga Zako Artwork

Watch Panga Zako Video Teaser

Full video coming on the 30th of October!

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Talk to Gogo!

Listen to Gogo on Zathu Pa Wailesi, she has some wise answers to questions sent to her by young people around Malawi. Her hotlines for SMS are 0888353535 and 0999353535.

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Zathu Pa Wailesi Season 2 Ep 1

Zathu Pa Wailesi Season 2 Episode 1

Listen to the latest show for Season 2 here...

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Zathu Pa Wailesi Season 2 Ep 3

Zathu Pa Wailesi Season 2 Episode 3

DJ Goxy and Lilly B have a guest for you in Timve Kwa Inu. Listen to find out who it is...

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Our Show

Zathu Pa Wailesi Season 2 Photoshoot

Here is a photoshoot Zathu Crew had in preparation of Season 2 starting on 6th November.

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Omnibus 13 v1

13th omnibus radio show

Here is the last Omnibus from Season 1 of Zathu Pa Wailesi.

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Share your story

Share Your Story!

We'd love to hear your stories, tell us about your group of best friends, is it a mix of boys and girls, how did you meet, what makes them good friends?

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