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How to make your own re-usable sanitary pad

Learn how to make your own re-usable sanitary pad in few steps... Shared by MAGGA

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Things you must have in place

  1. Cotton cloth 6030cm, flannel cloth 3030, umbrella cloth 30*30.
  2. Scissors
  3. A needle
  4. Cotton wool
  5. A button

Step 1.

Zathu_Our Lives_step1

The first step is to trace your pad, have a card board of paper to make a template. Draw a 25cm long and 17.5cm on wings as proper measurements for your pad template (pattern).

With the second template, make sure you extend the length of the wings so that they overlap substantially in the back, enough to put snaps later. Use the scissors to shape your template by following the outer drawing.

Step 2

Zathu_Our Lives_step2

Get the cotton cloth and cut it into two to make pieces of 30*30cm each. Use your pattern by placing them together with the two pieces of cotton cloth plus the umbrella cloth while the pattern on top and use a marker, chalk or a pen to draw on the top cloth exactly as your pattern guides you.

Trace around your pattern again, this time creating a 1 centimetre (half-inch) seam allowance around the pad, and also creating wings. These wings should be wide enough to meet and slightly overlap under the crotch of your underwear.

This will be the outside of the pad. We will call it piece B (cotton cloth), while piece A and C are Flannel and Umbrella cloth respectively.

Step 3

Zathu_Our Lives_step 3

Cut out two of Piece B and one of Piece A and C for each pad.

Step 4

Zathu_Our Lives_step 4

Place right sides together (i.e.: inside out). Sew the two pieces of piece B together, leaving a 3 centimetre (1.2 in) gap to turn it right side out again.

You may need to use scissors to make a number of small clips and notches around the curvy bits, so that it flattens properly when you turn it the right way out. Press with the clothes iron if you have it in the house

Step 5

Zathu_Our Lives_step 5

Sew the gap you left closed by hand.

Once it’s sewn shut, iron it. Next, iron the wings down so that they overlap on the back as it appears in the below pictures.

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