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Panga Zako Artwork

Listen and Download Zathu Band's Panga Zako

Listen and download Zathu Band's new single, Panga Zako

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Zathu Pa Wailesi Season 2 is here! Check out the new single and music video, Panga Zako.

After establishing their band through an amazing photoshoot in Sitigonja video; Xander, T-Reel, Mphatso, Chikondi, JP and Annetti are at it again in creating good music. They have challenges with Chikondi’s Aunt who did not agree with the idea of a band comprising of boys and girls. With the help of Gogo, Chikondi gets approval from Aunt Nelly to do music and be in the band. She is free at last! All this fun is in season 2.

Listen and Free Download, Panga Zako Single below

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Watch and Download Panga Zako Video below:

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