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Zathu Pa Wailesi Season 3 Omnibus 2

Here is Omnibus number 2, listen to how one of the listeners charts with C-Zee and DJ Goxy, also this is your chance to continue from where you left, in the drama.

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Zathu Pa Wailesi Season 3 Omnibus 1

Here is our very first repeat show of Season 3, Listen to find out how Goxy and C-Zee enjoyed at Ming'ongo CDSS.

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Season 3 Episode 28

Here is the very last episode in season 3. Goxy and C-Zee are going to be charting with our fan's to hear how they enjoyed Season 3.......

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Season 3 Episode 27

C-Zee and Goxy are going to be chilling with the Zathu Band in this show. Download and listen.....

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Season 3 Episode 26

Here is episode 26. Dont miss out as it is the season finale...

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