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Zathu Band's new single Mzati is here......

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Mzati appreciates the support that parents offer to the youth. How parents offer advise that is always helpful and important to the young people.

Zathu Band’s latest hit talks about what makes a good dad. Mzati looks at the positive role that men can play when they encourage their children to open up to them and talk to them about the important issues in their lives

In Mzati we talk about how having a good relationship with our fathers helps to build our self confidence and we highlight how having a dad who is there when you need him makes a whole lot of difference in life most especially when he takes the time to know you and motivates you to do better in life.

Mzati challenges the uncommon dynamic between fathers and daughters in Malawi as in most cases fathers do not play active roles in raising their daughters as they would with their sons.

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